Flexiterian Cuisine

Flexible Vegetarian Cuisine in Rome

The new Flexitarian food model proposes to mainly put vegetables or plant-based foods at the center of one’s diet. It doesn’t exclude foods originating from animals, but it integrates them in reduced quantities.

Fiore personalizes the Flexitarian inspiration. The story of our cuisine is a healthy, tasty and Italian one. A cuisine for every type of lifestyle, rich with well-being, lightness, freshness, naturalness, always tasty, recognizable and creative – with an unmistakable Italian touch – to please every palate with simplicity, taste and lots of passion.

Fiore is much more than a restaurant, it’s a real food spa that combines natural raw materials, sophisticated preparation techniques and Italian cuisine. The objective is to meet the need of a healthier eating style with solutions that exalt the flavors and value the tradition and creativity of Italian cuisine. A proposal to live well and feel better. To satisfy the palate and do ourselves good.

Fiore is quality of the ingredients, genuine raw materials, research and selection of the excellences and creativity of the dishes. Without forgetting about comfort food, because we need to nourish our emotional side too. All while respecting the environment (extensive farms), maintaining a sustainable approach (preferably seasonal products, organic and zero km, no tuna and swordfish, mostly blue fish) and with special attention to the territory (small quality producers, artisanal and territory).

Healthy food that you don’t expect is also, but above all, a journey into flavor. A healthy, tasty and Italian cuisine. Fiore’s Flexitarian cuisine.