About us

Fiore represents a new concept. A restaurant inspired by Flexitarian cuisine, by a flexible food style that privileges products with vegetable origin, without completely giving up on meat and fish. Fiore executes the Flexitarian philosophy, personalizing it, finding the perfect balance between well-being and pleasure for the table. At the base, love for details and attention to nutrients that keep us healthy. A dense path between passion and research that has as fixed cardinal points: healthy, tasty, Italian.

Three adjectives but above all three values that identify the property: four partners, different and solid professional paths, a shared passion and the determination to see a new project with shared values grow.

It takes passion to work well, understand, sense and select what is best for us at the table. Love for cooking and continuous research of the territory’s excellences, study of the raw material and respect.

Who works at Fiore, whether it’s a partner, the protagonist of the kitchen or a host, has the desire to share his/her unique and special way of living and eating: healthy, tasty and Italian.

Healthy, tasty and Italian are what give us pleasure and health even when we leave the table. Because eating is nourishing, and doing it well is an act of love towards oneself.